Q: What is RankU?

RankU is an athletics ranking website where you rank yourself against other athletes.

Q: How do I add myself to the ranks?

Go to the "Add me to the ranks" page and select a category and then fill in your details. Then click on the button to add yourself and see how you rank.

Q: How am I ranked?

You are ranked according to your time, distance or height that you achieved, depending on the event that you selected.

Q: Can I add myself to more than one event?

Yes, you can add yourself as many times as you like to any of the event categories, but for the sake of keeping the database of records as accurate as possible, do not enter the exact same data more than once.

Q: How do I remove my information from the site?

If you wish to remove any of your information from this site simply email us at and your information will be removed from the site and our database.

Q: How do I fix incorrect/false data about my achievements on RankU?

If you or anyone added incorrect data to the ranks you can email us at and we will rectify it. Remember to add your details and the data that is incorrect so that we can locate it and fix it.

Q: Why is my school/university's name not in the list?

If your school or universities' name does not appear in the drop down select then you need to notify us by email at and we will add it.

Q: How is the data on the site verified?

The correction mark image mark indicates that the data was verified by an institute like a school or university.